A Blank Page (poem)

Hey all! Coco here! I was just going through some of my notebooks and I saw a poem that I wrote, and thought that maybe someone would care to read it. I’d appreciate it if you told me what you thought [not what I want to hear, but in a constructive way of course], like I said before, I love writing so I really want to improve my skills.

Well, here goes nothing!

Blank Page

A blank page.

A blank soul.

A blank life.

A blank stare.

If you stain the page with ink,

Be prepared to feel the consequences.

If you stab your heart with a pen,

I heard creativity flows out.

but for now, all it is is a virgin page,

a life with no name,

a heart with no face,

a rain storm with no clouds.

Yeah, well, I’m not very good at freestyle, I have no idea how to type it or anything, but it was one of those poems where the words just trickle out through the hand with no help from me or the pen. So, if you have any comments, suggestions, awesome poems that you made yourself, or anything at all, feel free to type a reply comment thinger!! 😀


~ by sunbloomingluver on June 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Blank Page (poem)”

  1. If you stab your heart with a pen,
    I heard creativity flows out.
    ..i like it a lot..

  2. great images in this poem. I googled poems about the blank page and yours was the first one! anyways here is some constructive criticism. I would eliminate lines 2,3,4 they are cliche and dont add to the rest of the poem. also line 9 is awkward a possible solution would be ” but for now, a virgin page” it would aslo add to the symetry of the poem. It ends very strong and I like the short lines. good work

  3. Hi. You know I typed in blank pages poem on google and this popped up. I was flipping through my new sketchbook and it has alot of blank pages.

    That’s what causes this search. I was wondering if I could use your poem for a short video I was going to make. I’d be sure to put credit to you.

    It fit perfect for what I wanted to do. If you could e-mail that’d be great.

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